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How It Works

The Boulder Buster is a compact, simple to use and extremely cost effective portable piece of equipment used for rock demolition. The Boulder Buster is used to split and break rocks, boulders and concrete structures. The sheer convenience of operation and low operating costs make the Boulder Buster the first choice in standby rock breaking equipment

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A hole is drilled The hole is filled with water The breech body is inserted in the hole
The safety mat is positioned and a cartridge is inserted in to the breech body The firing mechanism assembly is screwed tightly into the breech body The lanyard is attached


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The unit is fired from of 7 meters away The resulting broken rock

Operating Procedure Technical Description

The Boulder Buster is a non-detonation rock breaking tool utilizing propellant technology. A pressure impulse is generated in the tool by a cartridge filled with propellant. The pressure impulse is directed via a barrel into a incompressible fluid column (water or gel) placed in a pre-drilled hole in the rock. The success of the system results from the specific propellant technology used. The unique characteristics of the propellant and cartridge design results in a rapidly developing pressure wave. The impulse pressure (transmitted by the fluid column) starts the propagation of the fractures in the direction of stress concentrations and the nearest free face. The static pressure developed by the propellant causes further mechanical stress on the rock, resulting in the tensile fracturing of the rock. The direction of breaking can be controlled by the drilling pattern or by notching the holes.

Rock Breaking Unit


Rock Breaking: Hard rock 100 to 350 MPa

Drill Hole:

28-32mm for 26mm diameter barrel; 38 42mm for 34mm diameter barrel

Propellant mass:

10 grams for Boulder Buster cartridge; 0 to 15 grams for Booster cartridge

Cartridge Classification:

Cartridge Power device; UN number 0323; Class 1.4; Compatibility group S


Can be air transported


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